Optima Saver Dongle GSM Gateway

Make your Own Gateway.

Optima Dongle GSM Gateway is the concept designed by Improlabs Pte. Ltd. to make your own gateway with Raspberry Pi and USB Dongles (Chan), which will reduce setup cost and traditional gateway’s purchasing risk as well as terminate calls with optima saver to reduce bandwidth consumption.

Optima Dongle GSM Gateway will minimize the risk of purchasing traditional gateways, lower the power uses, lower heat generation, will provide affordable solution to All with low maintaining and start up cost. Details Below:

  • Run Raspberry Pi instead of PC without monitor and even with a portable power bank supplying 2.4A , 5V power which is very useful who got power issue, costing approximately USD 40. *Purchased & Managed by clients(price may differ market wise)
  • Set up Gateway with USB dongles of 32 ports at a cheapest rate approximately USD 300-500 whereas other gateways costs USD 600-2000, like GOIP, skyline etc. *Purchased & Managed by clients(price may differ market wise).
  • Optimize bandwidth consumption up to 80% along with multi path tunneling to bypass critical levels of Blocking by Optima Dongle GSM Gateway, Charging USD 150/e1/Mo. *Provided by Optima Saver.
Requirements to make Dongle GSM Gateway
  • Raspberry Pi 3, model B with 2.5A, 5V USB Power Supply Adapter & microUSB cable
  • microSD Card , 8GB(minimum) or above , class 10 (Mandatory)
  • Clear Raspberry Pi 3 Casing & heat sinks (as per necessity)
  • For USB dongles, currently supported manufacturer is Huawei with model no: E153, E1550, E1552, E156, E160, E169, E1692, E175X, K3520
  • USB Hub with external power adapter for connecting USB dongles (8 USB Hub port means, it has 8 usb ports in which 8 USB dongles can be attached)
  • GSM sims, which will be inserted into USB dongles
Supported Solutions for Dongle GSM Gateway:
  • Optima Saver
  • Optima Saver Raspberry Pi
  • Optima Sim Saver
  • Remote Office PBX Solution