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Key Features

Over last couple of years, Voice Over IP (VOIP) communications have became the major trend in international calling. As the IP communication is done over internet, good internet connectivity with high bandwidth is required to ensure good quality of service. This is where our Optima Saver can help you. You can reduce upto 80% of your overall bandwidth usage, hence bandwidth cost, using this service. As a result of increased efficiency in bandwidth utilization, you can ensure better performance with much lower costs. You can use this service to provide termination service even on shared internet connections.   SIM based VOIP gateway and related technology based termination service providers often find themselves facing bandwidth constraint and blockage problems which severely hamper the service quality and uptime. With our bandwidth optimization service, service providers can give better service with low cost.   Using Optima means "More Calls and More Minutes at Lower Cost!" Key Features:

  • Reduces bandwidth usage for VOIP call termination upto 80%.
  • Can work in enterprise environment where it can reduce communication cost by minimizing bandwidth usage while offering better quality of voice and video.
  • With existing bandwidth upto 5 times more calls can be terminated than normal.
  • Enhances phone conversation experience as the voice quality improves.
  • Supports major audio codecs like G723.1, G729, AMR, GSM, G711 etc in pass through mode.
  • Works with all major SIP termination end points like Quintum, Addpac, Dinstar, GoIP, Cisco, Eurotech gateways etc.
  • Users can use Optima from all kinds of removable storage like USB HDD, USB flash drive etc.
  • Full featured web based billing platform is integrated. Users can view CDR, manage capacity and end points.They can add, edit and delete termination and origination end points.
  • Compatible with different kinds of internet networks like broadband, WiFi,WiMAX, 3G, 4G etc.
  • More reduction in bandwidth usage per call with more connected calls.
  • Easy to use web based control panel with lots of useful features.
  • Compatible with public, private, static, DHCP networks.
  • Works as perfect anti-blocking solution for VOIP.
  • Teamviewer support to monitor the service directly.
  • Hides original IP address of the termination provider.
  • Works with both real IP and local IP addresses.
  • Works from behind the NAT and firewall.
  • Reduces  Post Dialing Delay (PDD).
  • Works with any SIP based softswitch/gatekeeper.
  • Flexible and competitive pricing plans.

  Supported Devices:

  • Works with any standard softswitch. Such as VoIPSwitch (VPS), VOS, MVTS, MVTSII, SIppy, Asterisk, PortaOne etc.
  • Supports major analog and digital VoIP termination devices like Dinstal, Addpac, GoIP, Cisco, Eurotech, Quintum etc.


* Customers are requested to check the compliance of the local telecom authority before using Optima Saver. Improlabs Pte Ltd is not responsible for any  illegal usage of it.