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We know you may have some questions regarding Optima Saver service. Please find the answers to some of those frequently asked questions (FAQs) here.


What is Optima Saver?

Optima Saver is a real time bandwidth optimization and enhancement service for VOIP termination which can save bandwidth upto 80% from both endpoints..  It has integrated control panel for self-managing the service.


Does Optima Saver work as a complete softswitch?

Right now Optima Saver is not a complete softswitch. It doesn't have tariff plans integrated into the system. In our next version, it will support tariff plans and will act as a complete softswitch.


How much bandwidth can Optima Saver save?

Optima Saver can save bandwidth consumption upto 80%. In fact the more number of concurrent calls, the more percentage of bandwidth is saved.


How much bandwidth will be used to run a single E1 (32 channels)?

Optima Saver requires 280-300 kbps bandwidth in both uplink and downlink for 32 channels of G729 and G723.1 mixed calls.


Can I manage the service myself?

Yes, you can manage it yourself from the web based portal.


You can add new optima clients  and add/edit MAC addresses yourself. You can also manage origination and termination endpoints and dial plans from here. You can restart Optima server and client when needed from this web based panel.


Can I monitor live calls and statistics myself?

Yes, you can monitor live calls and view ASR, ACD, PDD and other statistics from the web based control panel.


Is there any restriction on the number of origination or termination end points?

No. There is no restriction on the number of origination/termination end points. The license is based on number of concurrent calls, not on the number of end points.


What are the signaling protocols that are supported by Optima Saver?

Optima Saver supports SIP and IAX2 protocols. Unfortunately H323 is not supported.


Does Optima Saver support codec conversion?

Codec conversion is not supported by Optima Saver. It supports all major codecs in pass through mode.


My ISP blocks VOIP calls.Can I use Optima Saver as unblocking soluton?

Yes. Optima Saver works as a unblocking solution to by-pass VOIP port blocks.


My ISP doesn't give real IP address. Can I use Optima Saver for call termination?

Yes. You can use Optima Saver with private IP address having good stable internet connectivity.


Will my original IP address be visible to other users?

No. Optima Saver hides your IP address from real world.


Does call quality drop by using Optima Saver?

No. Generally call quality increases as your termination now requires much lower bandwidth for call termination. Also our QoS mechanism ensures better call quality.


We are a big telecom operator providing VOIP termination service. We need more than 3000+ channels for Optima. Can you support this?

Yes. Optima Saver has a high end version which is able to support big telecom operators.


I have changed my PC/laptop used for Optima Service. Now Optima is not coming online. What should I do?

You need to update the MAC address saved with optima client in the web based control panel. Edit optima client and replace previous MAC address with new one.  Save your changes. Now go to utilities.  Reload the settings, restart optima server and client.


Optima status became red in utilities. What does that mean? What should I do about it?

This means that your optima client is down. Please check your internet connectivity. If internet is ok then please contact support team.