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Optima network diagram



The whole installation procedure for your favorite VOIP termination bandwidth optimizer is very simple. Anyone can complete the installation procedure easily. in few steps with guidence and  help from our support team.

You need to go through the following steps for completing whole installation.


Step 1. Download the Optima Saver ISO and Live USB Creator from this site using a computer with good internet connection.Burn the ISO file using Live USB Creator into an USB pen drive. You can follow this video which shows the steps for burning the ISO files into USB drive.


Step 2. Change the main board settings of the PC/laptop. Make it bootable from USB device by changing boot priority.


Step 3. Boot the computer using this USB pen drive where you intent to run Optima. Now again reboot the computer. While rebooting the computer you will give you options to save files. Please confirm save operation. Detailed steps and screenshots are given later in this document.


Step 4. Login to the web portal by using the credential provided to you. Click on the Optima Client menu. Add a new Optima Client there. You need to provide MAC address of the computer where Optima Saver is running. Also you need to give a name and password for the Optima Client, team viewer ID and password.


Step 5. Add termination and origination end points details.


Step 6. Add dial plan.


Step 7. Go to Utilities tab. Reload settings, restart server and restart optima client.


Now your system is ready for live calls.

Step By Step Guide for Save Operation

When rebooting the system for the first time, the save option will appear. It's highly recommended that you save the data appropriately following this guidelines.

Step 1: Click Save when the PupSaveConfig window appears.

Optima Save Screen 1


Step 2: Click OK to continue the operation.

Optima Save 2


Step 3: Choose the location where you want to save and Click Ok.

Optima Save 3


Step 4: Select Normal (No Encryption) in Encryption, Ext3 in file type and 786 MB in File size and Click OK.

Optima Save 4


Step 5: Click Reboot PC button.

Optima Save 5


At this stage you may need to wait few minutes to complete the reboot.

A more detailed guides can be found in the user manual.