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Maximize Your Profit

Optima Saver can you help to minimize the operational cost for your VoIP termination business which means maximized profit level for you.

Self Branding

Self Branding option is available only for big distributors.  They can run the service with their own brand name and logo.

Premium Customer Service

Just like true friends, our premium tecnical support team is always there to help you overcome all the technical issues to ensure smoothness in service.

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Key Features

Improved Performance

Intelligent QoS mechanism and enhanced bandwidth utilization deliver improved ASR, ACD and PDD.


Optima Saver comes with an easy-to-use customer web portal which enables the users to manage their service with ease.

Enhanced Security

Enhanced security measures have been implemented in every single module to ensure maximum customer security.

No Blockage

Integrated anti-blockage mechanism can pass through any voice blockage and firewalls.

Optimize Bandwidth upto 80%

Optimize bandwidth upto 80% for your VoIP termination business with Optima Saver!

Run 5 Times More Calls

Terminate 5 times more calls with the same bandwidth with Optima Saver!

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